Holiday Appetizers - Nahit

Hungry for hummus? Craving a kabob? Received to get a gyros? You can devour all these and much more, even on a budget, at Elenas Greek Armenian Delicacies in Glendale.

Owned by David Asaf and his wife, Cheri, the eatery opened fourteen months ago and draws college students from as far away as Littleton to attempt sixty varieties of flavored tobacco with this kind of names as "Mile Higher" - produced up of jasmine, rose and grape - or another preferred, "California Dreamin"' (peach, orange and coconut).

French Fry Sandwiches are a well-liked road meals among the cities in the Mid-East. Fries with lemon juice are placed in a pita and loved as a quick food. You will also find wealthy sauces in these sandwiches that can be higher in body fat. Of course, this is a food that is not marketed as wholesome by any definition. Fries in a sandwich might sound enticing to some, but think of the arteries that are so upset by this food option prior to using a bite!!

"It's a bonding experience, a various way to get to know each other," states Russell Blackburn, 19, who shared a hookah with three friends at Cheri's Location on East Colfax Avenue, a well-liked scorching-wing and Baklava gift box cafe frequented by higher school students.

Hookah lounges nonetheless attract Middle Eastern immigrants who reconnect with their heritage with every puff. At nine on a weeknight final 7 days, two males were deep into a chess game at the Aladdin. They sipped small cups of strong Turkish espresso and took lengthy, considerate puffs from two hookahs. Regulars appreciate their hookahs in solitude until two a.m.

Kibbeh - This is a dish produced with lamb and/or beef, cracked wheat and pine nuts. This dish is very well-liked in Lebanon, Palestine and Syria. It can be eaten fried, baked, or uncooked (raw meat is not recommended in the United States). This dish is basically a meat stuffed with many various spices, and can be very tasty. Although it is not as simple to make as the tomato salad, it can be extremely wholesome if you choose to bake the Kibbeh.

OK, this check here is just a little smattering of some of the great eating places in Jerusalem. Maybe in another Ezine we can talk about others. These are some that I have been to and can report first hand an unforgettable encounter.

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